In the army I was assigned as low voltage techinician. In my carrer I saw the many threats every nation imposed on each other giving rise to the military complex. I learned that even in this country there are those who want to get what they want without caring to cause harm to property or the lives of their fellow neighbor. As a family man I take very serious in protecting my clients home as if it was my own. As I am alive I will not stop in dettering crime and creating a safer town, city, and nation for all of us.

    Being a security technician for more than ten years I have seen everything. Where criminals break in from, what they take, how fast they act and how the victim feels afterward. I stopped working with big security companies because their main focus is profits and I was not able to use my knowledge to benefit my customers. With CDE I am now able to do just that. I end up feeling joy because I was able to use my experience in protecting my customers home adequately and I have more friends now than ever.